May 18 2015WorkshopCertified Pricing Manager®_2Netherlands

May 18 2015WorkshopCertified Pricing Manager®_3Netherlands

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  • Bruno Vandroogenbroeck - Manager Product Strategy & Innovation - Denon&Marantz

    "The pricing training I recently followed offers a broad approach to the different aspects of pricing strategy. The interactive and animated style combined with participants, coming from different businesses, make this a very nice and enriching experience."

  • Isabel Melo – Director, Global Strategic Marketing - Cegedim 

    "The event was a great opportunity to network and hear about best practices from industry peers. Good to see that people are open to share their experiences beyond competition! Great event."

  • Marina Araujo - Senior Pricing Analyst EMEA Surgical Devices - Covidien AG

    "It was really worth it attending as companies presented real cases of pricing strategy and execution. Not theory, but successes and an opportunity to learn."

  • Andrea Albonico - Chairman - Feedback Processi Logici

    "The EPP Forum day was a very interesting event, organized with great expertise. The environment and informal atmosphere made the meeting very enjoyable and productive. I will definitely be attending the next session!"

  • Frédéric Duhamelle, Global Head Pricing Operations, Syngenta

    "I was keen to learn about the EPP Pharma PricingFuel Day practice and my objective has been met! Look forward to meet again soon."

  • Nicholas Brandwood - Sales Support Engineer - Processi Logici

    "We found the Pricing Fuel Day an excellent opportunity to share and learn from our peers and look forward to participating in future events."

  • Stefan Kampa - Pricing Manager - Mazda/span>

    "Excellent pricing workshop with good knowledge exchange and interesting people to discuss with!"

  • Andrike Mastebroek - Pricing Manager - NS

    "I want to thank everybody once again for the excellent day we had. It has given everybody the necessary insights and 'peace of mind'."

  • Michel Reijm - Pricing Analyst - Eneco Engergy

    "Ideal initiative again from the EPP, it gave me a comprehensive overview in solutions for our pricing challenges."

  • Hermine Viaene - Sr. Pricing Administrator - Samsonite Europe

    "The master pricing toolbox was very interesting , driven by a very professional speaker. We got a lot of insights and we will definitely succeed in applying the lessons learned to better position our prices in the future."

  • Eric van der Hammen - Director - Alewijnse Marine Systems

    "To spend two days focusing on an item such as "strategic pricing" was a true eye opener in the sense that it reminded me of the key role that pricing decisions (should) play in running your business successfully. Pol Vanaerde combines a vast business experience with a clear vision on the subject complemented with a dynamic and anecdotal way of presenting. All in all two days very well spend."

  • Peter Van Den Brande - Segment Manager - Kluwer

    "The platform gives me the occasion of unraveling the mystery of prices and still more of value.It gives me the chance of taking part at interesting workshops and finding captivating articles and books."

  • Sonny Supriyadi - Group Pricing Expert - Luvata

    "It is the best pricing event in Europe to meet, brainstorm ideas, as well as to learn practical method and tools from notable professionals and organisations."

  • Wim Beirens - Director Strategic Pricing, Building Efficiency Europe & Africa - Johnson Controls Inc.

    "Based on our experience, I can confirm that pricing maturity development and management effectively works in our organization.  It’s a stepped approach and we involve Sales, Product Management, Finance, Factories, and Marketing in the pricing maturity roadmap.  We track pricing maturity across all products & services businesses.  Pricing awareness, training, coaching, and change management are important drivers to reach various levels of pricing maturity."

  • Neysan Vahdat - Parts Planning and Pricing Manager - Volkswagen Group UK 

    "AMAN2014 offered a great, immersive opportunity to meet with pricing experts from across different industries for an open exchange of strategies and ideas, sharing learnings and experiences throughout the manufacturing and aftersales arena."

  • Benoit de Dorlodot - European Channel and Pricing Manager SKF Regional Sales and Service - SKF Belgium

    "AMAN 2014 allowed me to exchange with other participants around best practices! I leave full of ideas for future improvements!"

  • Christian Jonsson - Pricing Manager Europe - SKF Regional Sales and Service

    "The CPM programme offers a structured approach to pricing and profit improvements. I strongly recommend it to anyone working with pricing." 

  • Sue Nayaert - Regional Director Pricing & Market Access - APAC - Merck Serono

    I enjoyed the topics of the EPP and the opportuinity to network with like minded individulas. the size of the event means that you can interact easily and have meaningful conversations." (about the EPP Life Sciences Forum 2013)

  • François Rossilion - Senior Advisor Distribution - KBC Group Belgium

    "Good to see that other company experience similar challenges while implementing & transforming to pricing excellence programs. I received additional valuable triggers to be followed up to make pricing excellence a success across all management levels and cross business lines."

  • Lisette Schäfer - Revenue Manager - Mövenpick Hotels

    "Until about a year ago I really had no idea about the fact that obviously ‘pricing’ exists in more than just my work field in hotels and I was very unaware of how different branches handle pricing and setting strategies. I was eager to learn more about this and to get in touch with pricing professionals in different business fields and to hear more about processes in different branches through the workshops which is the main reason why I joined. Besides that, of course the networking environment is very important.

  • Neil Fryer - Co-Founder  - Price Positioning

    "The Aftermarket Forum was a great opportunity to meet and network with professionals working in other industries.  The Forum content gave the opportunity to reflect on common aftermarket issues and sparked off ideas for change and new ways of doing things.  I would recommend it as an excellent way to take a step back and refresh one's thinking."

  • Zack Rinat - Founder & CEO - Model N

    "It was exciting to see the European team in action executing a great event with our customers and prospects. This was a 1st class event."

  • Ronald Schreiber - Pricing Team Manager - ZF Friedrichshafen AG

    "An ideal forum to share and improve your pricing skills. It would be really a waste of time, not to be there."

  • Dr. Katharina Thiele - MHBA Director Global Commercial Development/Market Access - Otsuka Novel Products GmbH

    "Really good training which provides a comprehensive insight in this complex topic. I recommend to participate as you only can benefit from the rich experience of the trainer."

  • Kaushik Patel - Senior Management Consultant - Accenture Life Sciences

    "This was one of the best conferences I have been to in many years. The content and speakers were very insightful."

  • Andrea Albonico - CEO - Feedback Processi Logici

    Participate in the EPP Forum is a great opportunity to evaluate and share best practices and market trends on Life Sciences."

  • On the 3rd EPP Aftermarket and Manufacturing Forum 2014 (AMAN2014):

    "I think that AMAN 2014 gave me the opportunity to share our experience with other companies representatives but also to get from them their best practises and succesful stories."

  • Davy van Doninck - Pricing Manager - Komatsu

    "Always good to get feedback from other same-like professionals."

  • Vonjy Rajakoba - Vice President Global Sales (BST/SA)- Bosch Sensortec GmbH

    “Once again I would like to congratulate you for the organisation of the EPP Forum I Cologne early February this year. It was with great interest that I participated and will surely participate again for the next editions. Topics discussed and the quality of speakers was inspiring for action.”

  • On the EPP High Tech Forum

    "The High Tech Forum offers unique opportunity to share on best pricing practices. It acts as an eye opener and creates momentum for progress."

  • Dirk Gennermann - Regional Sales Manager- Texas Instruments

    "Independent of the price maturity level of your organization the EPP forum is an ideal event for those who seek for inspiration on how to improve pricing performance."

  • On the EPP High Tech Forum:

    "Very well organised in a wonderful location."

  • On the EPP High Tech Forum:

    "The High Tech forum offers unique opportunity to share on best pricing practices. It acts as an eye opener and creates momentum for progress."

  • Jan Lochmann - Pricing Manager - SABMiller Russia

    "The platform seminar was great, thanks again. Hope to see you soon again."

  • Els Ternoot- Sales & Marketing Manager Surgical Specialties Benelux - The Surgical Company The Netherlands

    "The interactive format combined with the real-life case studies was very interesting to benchmark our pricing strategies. Looking forward to the following PricingFuel day!"

  • Massimiliano Baggiani - Pricing Manager EMEA- Ideal Standard International Belgium

    "Great exchange opportunity, very helpful to improve the drive of the business."

  • Andrea Daubercy - Pricing Strategy Executive - Hyundai Heavy Industries Europe NV France

    "Pricing as a main topic presented by well- prepared speakers, each with a well-defined approach to the main subject followed by an open and interactive exchange of experiences and suggestions. A day well spent acquiring clear and practical tools to better your pricing policy."

  • John Burdass - Director of Pricing  - Colt technology Service U.K.

    "A very useful forum to enable the sharing, challenge, and evolution of pricing best practice."

  • Petra Reiter - Pricing Strategy  - BAWAG PSK Austria

    "Thanks for a really good training, I learnt a lot and I think Pol Vanaerde is a really good trainer, he has all the experience on the market."

  • Lars Nordblom - Sales Director - Wacker Chemie AG

    "An excellent platform to share experiences and best practices for pricing in the chemical industry."

  • Magnus Englund - Pricing Toolas Development Manager - Alfa Laval

    I believe this seminar was very interesting and carried out in a professional way. I joined it because bringing just one new good idea home or seeing a new different solution angle to an existing problem makes a difference for our future work. It is about ideas and knowledge sharing but also building a network of partners focusing on excellence in pricing and wanting deeper knowledge in best practice pricing with focus on business to business manufacturing companies." (about the EPP Manufacturing Forum 2011)

  • Lex Van Bruggen - Lely Industries

    "This spare part pricing masterclass gave me a really good insight into different pricing methodologies and how to improve pricing of spare parts in my company. Moreover, the interactive discussions with fellow attendants were very valuable."

  • Rickard Nilsson - Central Pricing Manager - Electrolux

    "Great place to meet fellow professionals and share experiences and discuss challenges."

  • Andrea Crosato - Aftermarket Manager HFFS Division - Ilapak

    "Everything was perfect in Frankfurt: great location, and all of the presentations were really engaging.   We have a lot of take-aways from the forum.  Thanks!"

  • On the EPP Life Sciences Forum:

    Great event in its 3rd year!"

  • Kevin Wheatland - Managing Partner - Service Pulse International

    "The share of revenue and profit derived from product-related and non-product related services continues to increase in significance among OEMS and OESs. Ignore this trend and the potential of service business at your peril. EPP is an excellent platform for Aftermarket cross-learning and stimulation.  The value and return are superb, when compared with the cost of obtaining such leading-edge knowledge by organic means."

  • Claude Vanbeveren - Sales & Marketing Manager - The Tweddle Group

    "The EPP Aftermarket Forum presented an interesting mix of Automotive related Speakers as well as other industries and provide me with valuable insights in how different companies are tackling pricing and what they identified as Best Practices. Most of the parties seemed to have a consensus on the Best Practices, but the interesting part was how they implemented these concepts. All in all, a very good place to gather ideas and see peers in an open discussion environment. Definitely a keeper!"

  • Laura Mayr - Aftermarket Pricing Manager - Stihl

    "Hearing about the experiences of other companies and pricing managers gives you ideas and motivation for your own projects going on. It was a really pleasant atmosphere to get to know new people and talk about all kind of pricing topics. It seemed to be really well organised.."

  • Jozef Schulze Mengering - GEA Farm Technologies

    "Thank you for your efforts. The Forum was a great opportunity to better understand how to optimize pricing for big numbers and cross border pricing."

  • Satya Wardhana - Pricing Manager - Bayer Crop Science

    "New things, new activities, I shall inform my colleagues within my country to have the same community lke this."