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EPP is excited to announce another addition to a Prime Stuctural Partner company

EVERSANA™ Adds Seeker Health® to Growing Life Science Services Platform

This week, the fast-growing life science services platform built in partnership with investment firms Water Street Healthcare Partners and JLL Partners unveiled its new name and brand: Eversana. Catchword developed the name, a blend of ever and sana (Latin for “healthy”), to convey the company’s long-term commitment to advance life sciences for a healthier world.

Eversana encompasses the six premier service providers that were merged over the past year to form the industry-leading platform: Dohmen Life Science Services, The Access Group, Alliance Life Sciences, Health Strategies Group, Triplefin, and Patient Experience Project.

“As our name implies, Eversana is poised to offer the services and products that support today’s needs and tomorrow’s future,” said Jim Lang, chief executive officer, in a release. “Together, we offer integrated solutions to the life science industry that address the shift to value-based, patient-centered care and deliver long-term sustainable value for payers, providers, channel partners, and patients.”

Water Street approached Catchword to name the company last May on a fast track for rollout early October. In partnership with the Water Street team, we developed thousands of names, then narrowed to several hundred that expressed the brand’s messages.

In addition to ever and sana, the name recalls versatility, suggesting the company’s range of services and ability to respond to the ever-changing life sciences industry, healthcare system, and patient needs.

Eversana employs more than 1,500 experts and professionals around the world that collaborate with more than 500 organizations to maximize the impact of new therapies.


by Erin Milnes 


Read original article here: https://catchwordbranding.com/catchthis/catchword-naming-work/global-life-science-services-platform-unites-under-catchword-name-eversana/


Cube Revenue Management Receives Funding from Marathon Venture Capital to Grow its Enterprise Software Business

Cube Revenue Management (http://www.cuberm.com/), an enterprise software company with Fortune 500 customers and thousands of users in 20 countries across Europe, has completed an initial investment round with Marathon Venture Capital to further expand their offering by leveraging Cloud and Machine-Learning Technologies helping enterprises streamline their commercial processes and boosting revenue performance.

“Revenue leakage is a growing concern for large enterprise players across a number of industries. We are on a mission to help our clients reverse that trend and make sure they give the right price at the right time without the hassle.” said Costas Economopoulos, CEO. “To this end, we are building on the latest cloud and machine-learning technologies, delivering the next generation of revenue management software.”

George Tziralis, Partner at Marathon Venture Capital, added: “Clarity about revenue is key when running a business – no matter its size. Cube Revenue Management provides large corporates with the tools they deserve to become more successful and has been received with enthusiasm by the industry; we are excited about joining Cube RM in this journey.” 

About Cube RM

Cube Revenue Management (www.cuberm.com) offers an enterprise software suite including an intuitive CPQ (Configure Price Quote) system and integrated price guidance through sophisticated machine-learning models, which helps companies to efficiently manage sales quotes, create and evaluate tender proposals, and identify optimum pricing. The company already has a successful track record including Fortune 500 enterprise customers and a user base of thousands of sales people in more than 20 countries across Europe.

About Marathon Venture Capital

Marathon Venture Capital (https://marathon.vc) is an Athens-based early-stage venture capital fund, helping ambitious founders build world-class technology companies. Its latest investments are Cube Revenue Management, Landoop and Norbloc, while Marathon partners’ track record includes Bugsense, Taxibeat, Workable and Resin.io, among others.

Pharma Pricing Benchmark - Thought Leadership Meeting

This year our “Pharma Pricing and Profit Optimisation Benchmark (Thought Leadership Meeting)” will take place the 17th of April in Frankfurt and once again will bring together the best industry’s speakers, senior executives and innovators to discuss the latest benchmarks and developments in the pharma pricing and profit optimisation.

All info on www.pricingevents.eu 

Congrats to the new Certified Pricing Managers !

Congratulations to ;

Andreea Valette - Anirvan Chaudhuri - Fabian Mattes - Greg Lesko - Mounib Jaballah - Stefanie Rothacker - Panagiotis Giannakopoulos - Paulo Pinheiro.

They passed their CPM certification project board with success - congrats with the project results !

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