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    CPM - Pharma edition

CPM Pharma

The EPP Certified Pricing Manager® Pharma programme is the only officially recognised pricing and monetisation certification programme in the world with certification based on real business project succes, designed for experienced and highly accomplished pricing practitioners seeking personal career advancement and professional recognition.  

CPM is the global standard for pricing certification.

The Certified Pricing Manager® programme is specifically designed around the organisational and personal skill cards for peak performance in pharma pricing and monetization.   No other programme is so comprehensive, covering the state-of-the-art best practices and insights, and so practical.   The in-depth experience of the faculty, blended with international peer groups learning, is unique and creates an optimal setting for maximum learning.

The EPP CPM® Pharma Programme curriculum combines width and depth, theory and practice, hard skills and soft skills. The idea is to make a real impact on the pricing maturity development in your organisation. The EPP CPM Pharma programme is not only an intensive  executive programme. It is also an intense all-round experience with a group of international and cross-industrial talented peers.  

Certification is based on real business project success.