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The EPP CPM® Pharma Programme curriculum combines width and depth, theory and practice, hard skills and soft skills. The idea is to make a real impact on the pricing maturity development in your organisation.

The EPP CPM® Pharma programme is not only an intensive executive learning programme. It is also an intense all-round experience with a group of international talented peers.  Certification is based on real business project success.   

 This unique 4-day in-class, interactive, programme is designed around the know-what and the know-how to implement peak performance ;


Module 1

The high impact of pricing for Pharma 
Starting pricing wrong has a huge impact on market access and profitability - and there is very often no way back to recover from poor launch pricing.  During this first module, we will discuss the importance and relevance of price, pricing theory, definite 'optimal prices’, share pricing learnings across different industries - and demonstrate the concrete impact of ‘right' versus ‘wrong' pricing.

 Module 2

Role of pricing (and market access) in the development and launch process
First ; we will discuss the 4 important stages in the development and launch cycle - and the role of pricing and market access activities within each stage of the development of a drug :

  • Phase 1 : R&D
  • Phase 2 : target group testing
  • Phase 3 : trials and final FDA and EMA approval
  • Phase 4 : launch and local reimbursement negotiations

Secondly; will discuss in this module also the roles and responsibilities in price and market access management in your organization.

Module 3

Value-based pricing
During this module, we discuss :

  • Value identification (value for the payer/provider/patient)
  • Quantification & validation
  • Health economics and pricing

Module 4

Innovative pricing models

  • New trends in Pharma pricing
  • Outcome-based pricing models
  • Managed entry agreements
  • How to price CAR-T ?

Module 5

Develop a global pricing strategy
We learn and reflect on :

  • International reference pricing
  • Parallel trade and
  • Launch sequencing

Moduie 6

P&R systems and trends
We will discuss ;

  • P&R systems in US
  • P&R systems and trends in the top-5 EU markets
  • P&R systems and trends in Japan market, develop a regional pricing strategy Japan
  • P&R systems and trends in emerging markets

Module 7

Developing a regional pricing strategy 
In this practical module, we will learn and discuss about ;

  • Differential pricing learnings between countries in emerging markets
  • Contracting and net pricing approaches
  • Tender management

Module 8

Understanding the role of pricing across the product lifecycle
We will discuss how the pricing role changes during the life cycle of pharmaceuticals ;
ie. price re-negotiations and re-referencing, indication extensions/enlargement, new competitors entry to the markets, etc.

Module 9

Loss of exclusivity
We will discuss in this module ao the impact of generics and biosimilars entry strategies on pricing

Module 10

Pricing Research
You will explore the various pricing research methods to define to the ‘right’ price

Module 11

Change Management
Making things really happen ; how to get your price strategy implemented ?

Module 12

Wrap-up of the learning
Introduction to the CPM Pharma Certification Process


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This programme can also be customised for in-company delivery.