CPM - Dates and fees

The CPM® programme is based on skill sets and the organisational capabilities (processes, organisation, people, tools, and systems) for pricing experts per pricing maturity level.

Each CPM® programme level is delivered during a an intensive week (38 hours) in-class modules, followed by a six month (minimum) business project with a margin impact of at least € 50.000, leading to final certification.

Bring a colleague and get important reductions.

- 5 % reduction on total fee if you bring one colleague (= 2 registrations)
- 10% reduction on total fee if you bring two colleagues (= 3 registrations)
- with a max. of 15 % reduction on total registration fee (= 4 or more registrations)
Offer only available if participants are in the same programme (date) - combi CPM 2 and 3 possible.  
Discount also for EPP members.  Not cumulative offer.

*  Fees include/cover:

  • certification fee ; 
  • training fees, all educational materials, access to the EPP online library and its electronic resources, lunches (5)
    and EPP organised group dinners (4).
    * It does not cover travel, accommodation or individually organised dinners and other incidentals.

Can I combine a booking for CPM 2 and CPM 3 ?

Sure.  You benefit from a bundle-price and receive a 10 % discount, thus 1200 euro discount on the bundle !
* offer only available if you join both programmes consecutively within the same year - full payment at bundle-registration.  Contact : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we help you with the registration.

Do I receive my member discount on top if I book the bundle ?

Sure.  EPP Memberships receive their membership discount on top.  Read all the EPP membership benefits here.