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Pricing trends, opportunities and challeges within professional service firms

Stuart Dodds - co-founder at Positive Pricing


• Setting the context – understanding today's Professional Services pricing landscape
• The rise and evolution of the pricing professional and pricing function
• The changing nature of Professional Services' pricing – the move away from selling 'hours' towards selling 'value' and how to embrace the opportunity this delivers
• The cultural dynamic - proven approaches to mitigate organisational and cultural challenges within Professional Service firms to securing effective and sustainable engagement
• Preview of Professional Services Masterclass topics


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 The Augmented Pricing Manager

How the coming of AI and Automation changes the Pricing Discipline - dr. Manu Carricano 

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From B2B to B2Me – Getting your data ready for the journey

Timo Martis & Frederik Vielhaber - Sposea

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Keeping up with the Reference Pricing Landscape & Trends and the Effects of the US's IPI.  

Alan Crowther - Eversana


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