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MedTech Pricing and Market Access - 2020

01/04/2020 - 02/04/2020
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (2 days)
1,695.00 Non-member rate.


Effectively addressing Pricing and Market Access Challenges in an Evolving Marketplace

This is an intensive, interactive 2-day pricing training, co-led by a B2B pricing expert and a leader in market access for medical technology with complimentary experiences and insights.

The training focuses on practical tools and approaches that are appropriate to the industry of today and the future.  It alternates interactive lectures with exercises and group discussions and is the premium pricing training in Europe focused on the medical technology industry.

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01. What ?

  • This pricing course is designed to help you master the intricacies of pricing and market access for Medical Technology products. The MedTech market is evolving rapidly, with increasing digitization of services, greater emphasis on risky outcome-based reimbursement rather than fee-for-service, and little growth in payer’s overall budgets, even as new, innovative technologies emerge. 

  • These factors create a challenging environment for MedTech pricing: in addition to mastering the basics of pricing and market access in a complex, dynamic market, pricing and market access professional need to understand outcome-based pricing strategies, when to use them and what it takes to effectively execute them.

  • They also need to understand pricing trends such as AI, dynamic pricing, digital pricing and subscription pricing models and how they will (or won’t) affect MedTech pricing.



02. Learning Objectives

  • Better understand the core principles for successful Medical Technology pricing and market access, including current practices and future trends
  • Understand how to identify and interact with your pricing stakeholders
  • Learn practical techniques and tools are useful in your pricing processes
  • Feel confident about the necessary scope of pricing research you may need
  • Know about the necessary strategies to develop and manage a local market access strategy without putting pricing in other markets in jeopardy
  • Understand the HTA and other standards
  • Understand the different payment and reimbursement systems used in the major markets
  • Work out price competition strategies that defend the bottom line
  • Develop tactics to manage prices with short product lifecycles

This is your opportunity to learn, discuss and reflect how to access and price med tech markets

03. Programme

This is an intensive, interactive 2-day training.  It alternates interactive lectures with exercises and group discussions. It is the premium pricing training in Europe focused on the medical technology industry. These are the main topics to be covered during these 2 days

Module 1 | Introduction to the MedTech market and pricing basics

  • Overview and trends in the MedTech market
  • Importance and challenges of pricing
  • Sources of benefit and value from medical technology
  • Pricing overview including price setting, commercial policy and price execution.
  • Exercise: valuing MedTech innovation

Module 2 | Market Access Basics

  • Introduction to MedTech Market Access concepts
  • Contrast between MedTech Market Access and Pharma Market Access
  • Stakeholder value analysis
  • Exercise: stakeholder value-mapping

Module 3 | MedTech Pricing and Reimbursement Systems Overview

  • Introducing the most important reimbursement archetypes
  • Opportunities and challenges of each system
  • The key requirements to gain market access
  • Pricing implications of each archetype
  • Exercise: develop a market access plan

Module 4 | Pricing Architecture and Risk Sharing

  • Review the elements of Pricing Architecture to capture more value
  • Understanding the emerging challenges around risk sharing in MedTech
  • Review several case studies
  • Exercise: designing an innovative price architecture

Module 5 | Pricing Execution and Product Lifecycle Pricing

  • Pricing best-practices for day-to-day execution
  • Tender pricing
  • Product lifecycle pricing
  • The most useful pricing tools and frameworks
  • Pricing processes, organization and systems

Module 6 | Improving P&MA outcomes in your organisation

  • Summary of best practices and core principles
  • Individual action plan development
  • Group review and feedback

 Wrap-up / lesson learned + personal action plan

04. For whom ?

This training is for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of the latest best practices in pricing and market access for Medical Technology.  This will include those responsible for pricing and reimbursement, health economists, market access professionals, financial experts and controllers, marketing directors, product managers, and key account managers

In fact, it’s for everyone who wants to gain a solid basis in pricing and market access for medtech - in an intensive 2-day training.


05. Group rates

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06. Included in the registration fee

The training fee includes :

  • Course material - print and digital
  • Coffee, tea & refreshments during the course
  • Lunches during the course

It does not cover travel, accommodation or other incidentals.  We recommend you to book your flights/travel/accommodation in advance to avoid last rates.
We try to negotiate special hotel rates if possible - please ask the hotel for the best rates.

If you have special requests, please connect with Lena Chatchatrian : lena.chatchatrian@pricingplatform.eu


07. Trainers


Carolin Miltenburger - Payer Strategy Consultant

Carolin Miltenburger, PhD, has more than 20 years of experience in health economics and market access for Pharma and MedTech both as a consultant and in senior roles with top 10 and midsized companies. Carolin brings a strategic perspective to market access for health technologies and a wealth of experience in demonstrating the value of innovative products to reimbursement decision makers.

Ian Tidswell - Lead Consultant

Ian Tidswell, PhD, has 15 years of experience in B2B pricing, both as a consultant and as head of pricing for a $15B LifeSciences company and head of pricing process transformation for a medical device manufacturer. A frequent speaker at B2B and MedTech conferences, Ian brings a practical approach to pricing based on a solid structured approach. 

01/04/2020 - 02/04/2020
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (2 days)
1,695.00 Non-member rate.