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Subscription Based Pricing - 2020

03/03/2020 - 04/03/2020
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (2 days)
1,695.00 Non-member rate.

Discover and apply new methods and tools for customer-centric, agile and profitable subscription based pricing.

Generate during this interactive pricing course a deep understanding of the specialties, the challenges and the potentials of subscription based pricing and profit from best practice and actual studies of subscription based pricing.

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01. What ?

Subscription based pricing has been used for newspapers, for telecommunication, banking and i.e. fitness gyms for many decades.  And subscription models are increasingly evaluated to be launched in b2b markets as well.

This growth is driven by the rise of the information technology which enabled new products and services - as well as the search or  renewed business models.   Cloud computing, which enabled the shift from on-premise software to software as a service and the new business models of the sharing economy (e.g. car-sharing) and solutions selling are examples of this evolution.    Subscription based pricing has many advantages - but also comes with challenges.      In this interactive pricing course, you learn how define your pricing plan, build and price your packages and implement your subscription model to win new customers, to retain them and optimise your profits.





02. Learning Objectives

  • Reflect on the best practices to build your subscription based model and price plans
  • How to build your price packages
  • How to select the right price structure for your packages
  • How to select the right price metrics (pros and cons)
  • How to manage your subscription model (vital metrics)
  • How to make the change 

This is your opportunity to learn, discuss and reflect how to optimise your subscription based pricing plans !

03. Programme

Module 1 | The typical commercial subscription challenges - and yours ?

Module 2 | How to charge for software (specific)

Module 3 | How to build your subscription based pricing plans ?

  • The practical steps/framework to build your subscription plans
  • Pros and cons of different product package designs
  • Defining your price metrics (pros and cons)
  • Setting your value based price for the packages

Module 4 |How to get your subscription plan managed ?  

  • The metrics 
  • Measuring churn
  • Why people detract and how to avoid churn
  • Why customer intimacy matters - and what it needs

Module 5 | How to create the change ?

  • How to create your business case ?
  • How to start the transformation ?

Module 6 | Selecting your management system

Module 7 | Bring in your own cases

Reflections on your road ahead !

Wrap-up and lesson learned

04. For whom ?

This pricing training is for anyone who is working with subscription based pricing model already - and for those who are reflecting to make the change towards a subscription based business model.

• Relevant for participants from all industries offering subscription products and services.
• Managers and experts for pricing, marketing, sales, product management,business development, finance, innovation.


05. Group rates


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06. Included in the registration fee

The training fee includes :

  • Course material - print and digital
  • Coffee, tea & refreshments during the course
  • Lunches during the course

It does not cover travel, accommodation or other incidentals.  We recommend you to book your flights/travel/accommodation in advance to avoid last rates.
We try to negotiate special hotel rates if possible - please ask the hotel for the best rates.

If you have special requests, please connect with Lena Chatchatrian : lena.chatchatrian@pricingplatform.eu


07. Trainer


Pol Vanaerde (Founder, European Pricing Platform & Partner Consultant, VC)

Pol has a successful market strategy track-record. He was responsible for the European launch of Alpro Soyfoods and elected as marketer of the year in Belgium. Later he joined McBride PLC (private label detergents & cosmetics) as European Marketing Manager and Conoco-Philips as New Business Manager. Pricing was always one of his key responsibilities.

He is the initiator and president of the European Pricing Platform and responsible for the vision development and daily management. Furthermore, Pol is the founder of VanaerdeConsulting a market strategy + pricing consulting company – and guest lecturer at several international universities and has a track record of a large portfolio of in-companies (product management, market strategy and price management) in different industries worldwide.

Pol supported several subscription business clients with implementing their new pricing plans and business model.



03/03/2020 - 04/03/2020
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (2 days)
1,695.00 Non-member rate.
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