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Economic Value Modeling - 2020

25/03/2020 - 26/03/2020
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (2 days)
1,695.00 Non-member rate.

The best B2B enterprises win by implementing value-based pricing strategy and selling differentiated products and services.  They win profitably by realizing prices that reflect the customer value of their differentiation. 

EVC (Economic Value Calculation) is an important step in the B2B value management cycle of value creation, value pricing, value communication and value selling.  This training programme is focus on the process, the technique and the use of EVC as important instrument to understand, communicate and sell your differentiated value.

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01. What ?

This training programme is focusing on the process, the technique and the use of EVC as important instrument to understand, communicate and sell your differentiated value.
The training combines state-of-the art pricing expertise, combined with practical real-life business case exercises.










02. Objectives

By attending this training, you will learn:

  • How EVC is used as a very effective process and tool to understand your value and align your organization around value discussions
  • How to use EVC as value pricing technique for B-to-B products and services
  • How to use digital data in the manufacturing space to create unique benefits for the customers
  • How to mitigate risk for revenues in a digitalized world
  • How to share the benefits of Digitally Enabled Services by defining new earning logics
  • How to uncover the economic benefits that B2B buyers are searching
  • How to identify differentiating product/service value attributes
  • How to translate product/service features and advantages into end user benefits
  • How to calculate and prove your differentiating value in economic terms
  • How to translate Economic Value into prices
  • How to define new earning logics in a Digital context
  • How to design your differentiating (and compelling) value communication
  • How EVC can be used to design new customer value models

In short: the necessary steps to perform Economic Value Estimation in your own organisation.


03. Programme

This is an intensive, interactive 2-day training.  These are the main topics to be covered during these 2 days.

 Module 1:  Economic value estimation (EVE) : The different Steps:

  • Determine Initial Price Band
  • Refine Based on Market Context and Profitability Analysis
  • Validate and Finalize Target Price by Segment

 Module 2 : Feature-benefit-value mapping

  • Link Features to Value Drivers
  • How to create unique benefits with digital data
  • Preliminary Value Quantification
  • Test and Validate Model

 Module 3 Exercise on Economic Value Estimation:

  • Apply the interview technique SPIN (Situation- Problem- Implication – Need) to uncover needs and prepare a benefit-value quantification.
  • A real B2B case will be used to guide the exercise

 Module 4 :  Economic Value Calculation as input for pricing

  • How to translate value in pricing ?
  • How to create new earning logics in a Digital Era?
  • Exercise on price positioning
  • Service pricing
  • Digitally Enabled Solutions pricing
  • Differentiated offer configurations: Prepare options to meet demand from various customer segments

 Module 5 : Economic Value Calculation as input for value selling : how to equip your commercial teams ?

  • Value communication and psychology
  • Examples of economic benefits perceived by professional buyers and their willingness-to-pay
  • The behavorial of professional buyers depicted by neuro sciences (B2B case study)
  • Exercise on value communication


04. For whom ?

This training is targeted at the following functions in B2B environments:

  • Pricing managers
  • Pricing team members
  • Innovation managers
  • Product managers
  • R&D managers
  • Marketing managers
  • Business Development managers
  • Sales managers


05. Group rates


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06. Included in the registration fee

The training fee includes :

  • Course material - print and digital
  • Coffee, tea & refreshments during the course
  • Lunches during the course

It does not cover travel, accommodation or other incidentals.  We recommend you to book your flights/travel/accommodation in advance to avoid last rates.
We try to negotiate special hotel rates if possible - please ask the hotel for the best rates.

If you have special requests, please connect with Lena Chatchatrian : lena.chatchatrian@pricingplatform.eu

07. Trainers

Marc Abels - Partner - Monitor Deloitte

Marc Abels is a Deloitte Consulting Partner, with 14 years of experience in sales & marketing and a deep expertise in pricing.  He worked mainly in manufacturing industry (discrete products, automotive and chemicals). He leads the Monitor department (80 consultants)
for Deloitte Belgium. He is the ‘pricing’ expert within Deloitte Europe and is a regular speaker on various pricing conferences.  Before his pricing orientation, Marc has been the project manager on several CRM visioning projects and has fulfilled a key role in different pan-European implementation programs.

Olivier Dallemagne - Director - Monitor Deloitte

Olivier is a Monitor Deloitte Specialist Leader, with 11 years consulting experience in commercial strategy, pricing and business modelling, for B2B and B2C. Prior to consulting he spent 13 years in the industry in various marketing, sales and finance management roles.
He worked mainly in the manufacturing industry (building materials and technologies, chemicals and food ingredients) and B2B services. Olivier is an international project leader. He has been initiating and carrying out many projects in Belgium Europe, North America, Africa and Asia in various industries


This training was very valuable to me to get to know the practical process of value based modeling and I will try to imply this in the future certainly for some of our models.

25/03/2020 - 26/03/2020
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (2 days)
1,695.00 Non-member rate.
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