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What are your Pricing Peers saying about EPP

Sofie De Groote, Pricing Specialist Hyundai Construction Equipment - Hyundai Europe

This training was very valuable to me to get to know the practical process of value based modeling and I will try to imply this in the future certainly for some of our models.

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Robert Morrison, Executive Director - Product Management

I found the Subscription Based Pricing course exceptional. I wanted to get up to speed on best practices, but wasn't really sure what I would be able to take away from such a course. However, I was very impressed with Pol's deep insights into pricing across many industries. I specifically valued the practically of the Subscription course - i.e. the steps to take next, which we practised hands-on with a real case study in groups. I would highly recommend this course to colleagues and friends, but not competitors! 

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Jonathan Carnevale, Pricing Analyst, Brunswick

Definitely a very interactive and interesting training. Pol was able to catch the attention of everyone by sharing best practices as well as concrete examples. I was very impressed by the way he led this training and I will definitely recommend it to all my pricing peers. 

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Sander Schuringa, Manager Pricing & Tariffs - Cargolux Airlines SA

This training was of great value to me as I gained a more thorough and deeper understanding of Pricing and Pricing strategies. Although this topic can be very extensive, meeting other industry professionals helped me understand other industries needs which I can apply in my daily work. 

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Kassandra Klaritsch, Global Markets Pricing Leader, Nielsen

The Strategies & Tactics of Pricing Training is an excellent session that helps leaders with diverse levels of Pricing experience establish a solid fundamental knowledge base and enable benchmarking. I highly recommend this session to pricing professionals who are looking to revolutionize their ways of working. 

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