CPM - At a glance

The EPP Certified Pricing Manager® programme is the only officially recognised pricing certification programme in the world with certification based on real business project succes, designed for experienced and highly accomplished pricing practitioners seeking personal career advancement and professional recognition.  

CPM is the global standard for pricing certification.

The Certified Pricing Manager® programme is specifically designed around the organisational and personal skill cards to perform on the different pricing maturity levels.   No other programme is so comprehensive and practical. You can assess your pricing maturity using the EPP Pricing Maturity Indicator (PMI®). 

The EPP CPM Programme curriculum combines width and depth, theory and practice, hard skills and soft skills. The idea is to make a real impact on the pricing maturity development in your organisation. The EPP CPM programme is not only an intensive  executive programme. It is also an intense all-round experience with a group of international and cross-industrial talented peers.  Certification is based on real business project success.   

The programme is designed around the pricing maturity levels ; 

CPM 2 : Taking transactional control >
CPM 3 : Installing a value strategy - full value capturing >

Each programme consists of an intensive 5 days in-class training in an international setting with cross-industrial pricing colleagues -  all eager to learn, reflect and discuss with you.   CPM2 and CPM3 maturity requires different priority settings, process-, organisational-, tools- and skill set requirements to excel.  It’s a demanding programme but the reward is that you will grow both as a pricing expert and as a pricing leader.

For a more in depth reading : download the EPP white paper : Crossing the pricing chasm - white paper

  • CPM 2 - overview

    The focus of the CPM® level 2 programme is on “taking transactional control”. The building blocks of the programme structure focus on :

    Pricing Maturity Management Assessment and impact on your company’s organisational readiness,  processes, tools and systems.
    Pricing analytics
    • Understanding what happens and why it happens;
    • Tools and methods for better insights in margin and price leakages and a holistic view on profitability;
    • Pragmatic tools to get transactional control;
    • How to communicate that change is needed?
    Price Optimisation and Margin Improvement
    • Install and realise the 7 major price and margin improvement projects;
    • Managing international and cross-regional pricing;
    • Determine different price and discount models;
    • How to install and maintain floor prices and price corridors.
    Effective price increases How to effectively prepare, communicate and execute a price increase?
    Pricing execution
    • Management of low margin /price products
    • Management of low margin /price customers
    • Reduction of price /discount variance
    Pricing organisation Roles & responsibilities for transactional control, governance and compliance

    Application requirements for CPM® level 2 : 
    A minimum of 6 months of relevant experience in all aspects of pricing including, but not limited to, pricing analytics, cost price analytics, reporting, price setting, margin management.

  • CPM 3 - overview

    The focus of the CPM® level 3 programme is on “full value capturing”. The building blocks of the program structure focus on:

    Pricing Maturity Management Assessment and impact on your company’s leadership, organisation, processes, tools and skills
    Pricing Strategy Defining an effective price strategy
    Value Based Pricing In depth view of the research tools to bridge the knowledge gaps and a practical process for value based pricing
    Price setting based on quantified economic value Practical implementation of total value of ownership
    Value communication and Value Selling
    • The importance of value communication !
    • Value selling : defending your value in front of your buyers
    Innovative and disruptive pricing models
    • Monetizing professional services
    • Surge pricing
    • Dynamic pricing 2.0
    • Performanced based pricing : thrills and perils
    • Subscription based pricing : a practical guide
    Change Management Implementing a value culture - aligning value pricing with value selling and value communication - and best practices to make things really happen
    Pricing Organisation
    • Building a level 3 pricing organisation
    • Your pricing dashboard with strategic and operational KPI’s on level 3
    Pricing and Competitive Law Pricing under EU competition law

    Application requirements for CPM® level 3 : 
    A minimum of 3 years of relevant experience in pricing including, but not limited to ; value based pricing, pricing research, economic value calculation (EVC), people management or relevant management experience within marketing/sales or finance.

    Or : CPM® level 2 holder
    Or : proven successful level 2 experience as pricing practitioner (references to be provided at the application).


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